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Who is Matthew Lewis, M.Div.?


Me, twenty pounds ago


Undergraduate instruction

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Daughters: My true joy

I'm a Christian

Being a Christian means my life is Christ centered, which affects all facets of my life including my career as a professor and academic tutor. I am happy to share with you a window into my faith and life.

In the politically divisive world in which we live, the declaration of "Christian" often provokes more questions than it provides answers. For example, I attend a local church and read the Bible each day. However, my life and the faith I profess is not at all indicative of the unfortunate but sometimes deserved stereotypes of hatefulness and self-righteousness attributed to Christians presently and throughout history.

I am transparent about my faith, but I never attempt to proselytize the students or families I serve. Additionally, I deeply respect all people regardless of their religious or non-religious views, and I maintain deep, meaningful friendships with many of the students and families I serve without concern of conflict of worldview or theological thought.

I believe my faith makes me a more effective educator because I am continually reminded of Jesus's example of care and compassion. Teaching requires great patience and a genuine desire to help each student maximize their potential. 

Wheat Field

Every word of God

proves true; 
he is a shield to those

who take refuge

in him. 

Proverbs 30:5 (ESV)  

I'm a husband and father

I have a loving, ever-supporting, wife of 24 years and two amazing daughters in high school and college, respectively, at the time of this writing. My family is my greatest source of joy and no day passes that I do not feel richly blessed by them.

I'm a university professor and academic tutor

You may be wondering what "M.Div." (the initials after my name) means. M.Div. stands for "Master of Divinity," and I am very proud of this academic achievement: An M.Div. degree is a four-year master's program—about twice the length of most master's programs—requiring a mastery of communication and  ancient languages as well as a rigorous discipline of academic writing unrivaled in scholarship.

The Generational Connection

I was raised in the Lutheran church tradition (though I am presently a Presbyterian) with a several- generation legacy of Christian higher education including, and most notably, my great-grandfather, Erhardt Riedel, who was a university professor, an academic scholar, a published author, the founder of two seminaries, and the first Lutheran missionary (Missouri Synod) sent to China. My great-grandfather's passion for teaching and academic excellence was the primary inspiration for my career choice.

Current Pursuits



My current academic research is focused on student learning for children or adults living with current deficits in attention (ADD/ADHD) or organizational development (executive function). Please contact me for details about current studies and participation opportunities.

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I love gardening but remain a true novice. This year I had hoped to resurrect my vegetable garden but some adjacent road construction may affect my plans. We'll see.


My amazing bride


The five of us (one with camera)

Erhardt Riedel.jpg

Great-grandfather, Erhardt Riedel


Fall day-hiking

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